Media Warehouse

The Media Warehouse research analysis is a detailed study covering the local media, namely: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, and online media. Such aspects as frequency of viewership, audience share, type of listeners /viewers/readers, together with many other factors are examined to give a clear picture of the media market. The information is especially relevant when analysed in terms of the demographics of the Maltese population allowing the user to identify any relevant segments in the market. 

Essentially, the Media Warehouse is an independent study, free from any bias, which ensures an honest and realistic picture of the media industry. It is ideal for all companies which venture into advertising campaigns; for advertising agencies; as well as owners of media companies. The research is carried out by means of two national studies and the surveys are each carried out over a period of a week, taking random weeks over a selected number of months. 

All the data is processed into statistical information and the final document is presented in a user-friendly format whereby one can easily identify key points which are valuable to the party concerned. The Media Warehouse can prove to be a vital source of information for all sorts of companies, which at some point invest in marketing and advertising campaigns. It will enable you to identify which media can possibly reach your target market most effectively.

The Media Warehouse can be purchased in two formats - the FULL issue, or the ABRIDGED issue. The main distinction between the two is that the Full issue presents the Average Audience per half hour time slot for each TV & Radio station for each day of the week, as well as the Reach per station split into three time bands. In the Abridged version only the Total Audience Share per station is included. The Full issue also includes the Favourite Programmes and Personalities mentioned by the respondents, which the abridged does not. Furthermore, while both issues include the average readership for the local newspapers, the Full issue also includes replies to a general question which assessed the newspaper/s they generally read during the week, and on Sunday.