Informa avails itself of a large community of online panelists available to participate in surveys. Customised surveys can be carried out for clients at any point and can target samples of different sizes accordingly. Depending on the nature of the research, Informa will carefully craft an adequate questionnaire to target the respective objectives set out by the client. The online panel will then be invited to complete your questionnaire, after which a report of the findings will be presented accordingly.






A customer advisory panel consists of a group of customers that provides routine feedback to help facilitate the company’s decision-making process. Panel members agree to provide feedback using online questionnaires, telephone interviews, one-on-one meetings, and focus groups. The company can use the panel’s feedback to make decisions in the areas of marketing, product development, customer satisfaction, case studies, strategic planning, and more. The panel is rewarded with financial compensation or in some cases the company offers customers special services and unique opportunities available only to panel participants.


Informa is also able to provide you with a specialised panel which targets customers within a very specific subset of an industry. This could consist, for instance, of: mothers with young children; people who drive certain categories of cars etc. The ‘Niche’ Panels are screened to a specific customer profile and designed around the research needs of the client. Following the design of a questionnaire, the panel is then interviewed by means of an online survey. Such surveys can be carried out on a one-off basis or on a regular basis, depending on the client’s needs.